Marie Bennett &
Anson MacLauchlan

#1 income earners in 2 network marketing companies.


We can help you generate leads, sponsor more reps  &
reach the top income levels in YOUR company.

Are you tired of hounding family and friends to join you in your networking business?

What if instead prospective distributors were reaching out to you?

Would 15 or more targeted leads per day be of help to you?

Since 1999 we’ve been successfully isolating, implementing and teaching, cutting edge, online marketing, social media marketing, lead generation techniques, including methods that are free, or extremely low cost.

Mastering online and social media marketing techniques has helped us not only reach the top ranks in multiple network marketing companies, it’s helped us be the #1 income earners in 2 companies.

Yes, we can teach YOU how to monetize social media.

We can teach YOU methods that are working right now, that you can quickly and easily duplicate, in many cases without spending a dime.

Yes, YOU can promote ANY business.

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Want proof?

Here’s just one method.

10 minutes per day

x 3 days

= 1,000 Twitter followers

+ 15 laser targeted leads PER day!

3 weeks = 5,000 Twitter followers.

Oh, and did we mention the training is FREE?

A few more weeks = 10,000 Twitter followers.

P.S. Our demo account now has over 21,000 followers!

YOU can do this even if you have NEVER used Twitter before.

Be sure to grab it while it’s still free.

More of an Instagram fan?

Twitter is extremely powerful and one of the easiest forms of social media to generate profits with…

and as you’ve noticed we can teach you how to monetize Instagram too.

We also provide training for every other form of social media, including but not limited to…

Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and well, you name it.

We can help you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization),

Pixels, (you know those ads that magically follow you around and pop up on your Facebook newsfeed?)

Blogging, Website Design, Sales Funnels, Squeeze Pages and so much more.

During the last 20 years Marie and Anson have been the number one income earners in 2 of the 4 networking companies they’ve been involved with.
They specialize in providing cutting-edge resources and personal coaching for network marketers seeking better ways to generate prospects, while increasing cash-flow.
Marie Bennett and Anson MacLauchlan, along with their two dogs, plus two cats and two big, tall horses are “headquartered” in a log home on riverside acreage in British Columbia, Canada.
2016 finds Marie and Anson building teams in over 80 countries, including but not limited to the United States, Canada, Jamaica, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.
When not busy supporting their network marketing team members, they are devoted philanthropists, committed to contributing capital and resources to the cause of animal rescue, including stopping the inhumane transport and slaughter of horses for human consumption.
YOU can work with, and be personally coached by Marie and Anson.

We can help YOU.

Seriously, even you have NEVER been successful with network marketing, MLM, or direct sales or any form of online or social media marketing before –

no matter what company or business you are involved with –

we have simple techniques

and we’ll personally help you tweak them so they are perfect for YOUR business.

We’re real people and here to help – so reach out.

Here’s to YOUR success!

Marie & Anson

1 (888) 909-7306

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Marie Bennett and Anson MacLauchlan

Toll Free: 1 888 909 7306

Landline: 1 250 446 2118

SKYPE: marie.d.bennett


Photo Credit (below):   Tamara Daub, Tiny Feet Photography High River, Alberta, Canada.  Pregnant mare saved from slaughter.

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