Goal Setting Hints, Family Meeting and DREAM Board

It’s a new year and time for a new you.  We all know the importance of having clearly written goals – here’s a couple of ideas to help with achieving your written goals.

Have a family meeting and share your written goals with your family. Ask that they support you in making your goals happen and let them know what is in it for them. For example maybe their reward is a weekly family night out or a family vacation.

Create a dream board

A dream board is a piece of form or a cork board, or a poster board where you gather together pictures that represent your dreams and goals.

Or create a screen saver for your computer, or a slide show, PowerPoint/KeyNote Presentation or video with clips or pictures – something you can refer to on a daily basis!

For example, if you want a new house you can put a picture of your dream house on the board.  If you want to travel, cut out pictures of the places you would like to visit, if you would like to be able to write a check for a child’s education without thinking about it, be sure to include a picture of the school/college/university.

You get the idea!

Here’s to your health and prosperity!



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